About Sightsavers

Sightsavers is a charity for the blind and visually impaired which has established a strong base in India and 30 other countries to combat blindness and visual impairment among the lesser privileged lot. We also assist them with respect to their right to education, livelihood, and social inclusion with our work.

Since 1966

Sightsavers has played a considerable role in offering help to the blind and visually-impaired. Our work in India has made a significant impact in their lives, and enabled them to lead their lives with dignity and joy. With the help from our local partners and via donations for the blind, we have reached out to people in the remote regions of our country to cure, educate, counsel, and rehabilitate them.

How canyou help us?

  • Donation

    Monetary contributions made by generous people like you sustain our work. Your donations have helped turn our endeavours into success stories. We conduct sight restoring and cataract surgeries, and classroom training, while offering livelihood support to help the blind and visually-impaired. Assist us by making donations for the blind today.

  • Spread the word

    Raising general awareness about visual impairment and sharing our story among people help us garner maximum support from people all over the country. Help our cause and spread the word to let others know what we do.

Our Achievements

Thanks for trusting in Sightsavers. Your donations for blind have helped us in successfully accomplishing the followings

  • 53.4 million

    people reached

  • 36.4 million

    eye treatments

  • 5 million

    sight restoring surgeries

12 millionpeople in India are blind

What we do

We combat avoidable sight impairments including cataract blindness through surgeries and alleviate non-correctional blindness by education support.

  • blindness and visual impairment Help a visually impared see

    Provide sight restoring surgery to help the blind

    By facilitating sight-restoring treatments, we attempt to promote better eyecare and improve the physical well-being of people in India. Donate for eye surgeries thorough our online charity for the blind.

  • donate for eye surgery Uplift a visually impared child

    Offer classroom support

    In order to break the vicious cycle of illiteracy, poverty and unemployment that springs from sight-impairment, we, at Sightsavers, offer classroom support via teacher-training and special equipment for the lesser privileged. You can assist us by donating to our online charity for the blind people.

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    The Singh family's youngest son, Kuldeep, had been blind from birth and required...

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    Devilal's story

    Devilal was identified by a Sightsavers NGO partner for low vision, and was included...

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    Neeta's story

    19 year old Neeta is irreversibly blind and lives in the Hoshangabad district of...


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Kuldeep's story

The Singh family's youngest son, Kuldeep, had been blind from birth and required cataract surgery. But the nine-month-old Kuldeep wasn't the only member of the family with sight problems. Four other children, including Kuldeep's older sister, were also very visually-impaired. "We took them to the village healer but he couldn't help us," said Hari Singh, the head of the household and Kuldeep's grandfather. "We had no choice but to accept the situation."

They were invited to attend a special eye camp with proper eye examination. All children required cataract surgery in both eyes. The older ones were taken to a nearby city hospital in Dahod (Drishti Netralaya, supported Sightsavers), where they received successful surgeries. Drishti Netralaya is one of the centers of excellence in western India, serving the tribal population of the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. And Kuldeep was successfully operated upon when he was a few months older (see photo).

" 'We're celebrating,' says Kuldeep's mother "

He's already showing positive signs of sight, such as by following his gaze after the doctor's torch. "We are all celebrating," says Kuldeep's mother. "Five members of our family have acquired new eyesight. We want Kuldeep to be a doctor when he grows up so that he can also bring joy to others like him."

You have the power to help children like Kuldeep regain their sight

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Devilal's story

Devilal was identified by a Sightsavers NGO partner for low vision, and was included in the inclusive education project. The project helped Devilal with skills on mobility and sensory techniques. He was later enrolled in a nearby school. He learns Braille and is getting used to the Taylor Frame for mathematical calculations.

" Devilal aspires to become a district magistrate when he grows up. "

Devilal is wholeheartedly supported by his school teacher and peers. He actively participates in school activities besides sports and cultural events. Low vision is now no longer a challenge for him.

Help us transform the lives of low vision children like Devilal

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Neeta's Story

19 year old Neeta is irreversibly blind and lives in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. She lost her vision to an accident when she was 10 years old and in the fifth standard. She dropped out of school and became totally dependent on her family members, with very little social interaction with the outside world.

She was identified and enrolled for a Sightsavers rehabilitation project. Here she learned daily living skills, and was able to improve her orientation and mobility skills. This not only helped restore her lost confidence but also motivated her to receive training in managing the family grocery store and become even more independent.

" I look forward to playing football with my friends! "

Neeta's enthusiasm and eagerness to learn was nurtured and this helped her to develop her leadership skills. She took active interest and became part of a Disabled People's Organisation, of which she is now the Vice-President.

The story of Neeta's transformation from an introverted, homebound blind young girl to a spokesperson for people with disabilities is truly inspirational.

There is a shortage of staff and equipment to meet the demand for cataract operations. Your donation can help mitigate this.

You have the power to help people like Neeta